Read what other participants have to say about the workshop

"Maureen and Tamara played a key role in saving my relationship. I could not imagine where I would be without their compassion and energy for sharing the Imago vision."

"This workshop is worth every single penny! It helped me to understand so much more about my partner and about myself. I’ve never felt so close to my partner and have never felt so hopeful."

"An incredible useful workshop whether you’ve been together 11 months or 24 years – the communication tools are fantastic."

"I would highly recommend this workshop to all couples at any stage of their relationship – whether they are in the beginning of their relationship or 'in the soup' or somewhere in between! It’s for everyone!"

"This is not a pump-you-up-and-let-you-go situation; this seminar gives you real instruments."

"I really enjoyed the friendly, welcoming, positive discussion and the helpful advice provided by Tamara and Maureen."

"I’m not sure my relationship would have survived if I hadn’t come. Now it’s going to be the pleasure I hoped it would be."

"The workshop empowers one with skills and knowledge to enact meaningful change in life and relationships alike."

“Quite possibly the best workshop presenters I have ever seen – energetic, committed, caring and knowledgeable. They work so well together."

"This workshop is energetic, yet calming; revealing and safe, fun and worth every penny!"

"This workshop provided a wonderful foundation for moving our relationship forward together."

“Maureen and Tamara are dynamic, professional partners who bring genuine compassion, expertise and authenticity to this work."

"This workshop is relationship rescue for the long term!"

"This workshop is amazingly eye opening. Thank you for giving me tools for effective, meaningful communication."

"This workshop possibly just saved my marriage as I had given up hope that we could communicate in a safe and respectful manner."

"Maureen and Tamara were born for this—they are absolutely fantastic facilitators of 'Getting the Love You Want'."

"They told me the workshop would change my life and I think they might be right!!!"

"Amazing twosome! Absolutely wonderful, interesting, funny and so experienced!"

"Even if you have to drag him or her there – just go!"

"These presenters know their stuff!"

"Come to this workshop! It is safe, confidential and there is no pressure to air your personal issues."

“This workshop renewed my commitment to my wife because it gave me skills to use when I get frustrated. It gave me new hope."

"Great chemistry between the presenters. They make a really good team."

"The greatest life skills I will probably ever learn. I look forward to practicing them for the next 50+ years."

"Worth every penny and minute spent!"

"As a gay male and therapist I have no doubt this weekend will have a huge impact on the relationship I have with my partner of 13 years. I have no hesitation in recommending this to other gay male couples."

"I learned communication techniques that I hope to be able to use throughout my relationship to strengthen our bond."

"Not only did we get a “booster” shot from this workshop, but I noticed some very broad smiles from some initially very serious participants!"

"The workshop honored us as participants and allowed us, in turn, to honor our partners and our relationships."

"Tamara and Maureen were great. The 20 hours felt like 2!"

"A weekend of fun, really good food and couple focused time. What more could busy people ask for?"

"Warm, welcoming presenters allowed the group to 'open up'."

"A relationship 'must have'."

"Fabulous – experienced profound shifts in approach to relationship and I’m really excited to start practicing."

"I’ve learned more (of substance and meaning) about my partner in 2½ days than I had in 2½ years."

"This workshop has the possibility to transform a broken, stale relationship into a new and exciting relationship."

"I’ve travelled a long road in a short time. I wouldn’t have imagined we could make it so far!"

"Deeply enriching and encouraging."

"The best support infusion for any couple losing their vital signs."

"Maureen and Tamara were incredible. Their energy and enthusiasm truly made this a wonderful experience."

"Fantastic presenters! This experience opened many feelings and provided great support."

"This workshop was fun while being very useful and enlightening. Tamara and Maureen provide a safe place to learn Imago on some sensitive personal issues."

"Tremendous presenters that struck an emotional chord on several topics."

"This workshop is the best first step in two souls healing together."

"We are hopeful that this workshop has given us what we need to be successful in our relationship and to come back from the brink of divorce."

"I haven't felt 'the love' for a long time and I'm ecstatic that I'm 'feeling the love' right now."

"This workshop has saved our relationship."

"A great tool and an awesome start for our relationship."

"Imago is such a different way to be with your partner."

"It is a wonderful seminar - I've learned about my partner: I've learned about myself."

"The presenters were fabulous, not just in their "jobs" but in relating their life experience."

"I feel very positive about the skills we have learned here."

"Wow- can't believe how powerful and yet simple this is!"

"An essential workshop for every relationship."

"Very respectful in preserving each person's integrity and creating positive connection."

"This work helps couples heal, and because they are often parents, helps heal
children and the world."

"Absolutely fantastic! I would love to give this workshop as a gift to every couple we know!"

"Tamara and Maureen are inspiring people!"

"Maureen and Tamara's sincerity in their words overcame my skepticism."

"The presenters are incredibly warm and engaging."

"Very useful and real techniques"

"Gave me the tools and the language to communicate what I really mean."

"Tamara and Maureen are very caring, witty, sensible, attentive, fun, intense and personable. Excellent facilitators!"

"Hilarious, stimulating, deep, hard work – loved it!"

"Presenters very knowledgeable and the course provides a great system to help people with relationship issues."

"Manageable, self-directed therapy that works!"

"This is an intense, high energy weekend that any couple who experiences conflict can relate to. It’s easy to follow the format but not at all simple."

"I am so incredibly grateful to be doing this before our marriage. I would give it as a wedding gift to anyone…."

"Excellent! I would come back again. Maureen and Tamara were warm, informative and helpful guides."

"Beyond expectations… Excellent yet challenging."

"Presenters were “living” the materials; living proof of success. Materials were well presented – so much to learn and practice. I really felt supported by the instructors to do and participate at my level of comfort."

"It was clear that the presenters were knowledgeable and experienced with the content. Their confidence in the Dialogue being a lifelong tool that will enhance mature relationships helped me take the risk to try something new."

"Tamara and Maureen are truly gifted in their ability to teach and share with intention, hear and deep compassion."

"We came in with a faint hope to enhance our relationship and came out of the workshop with renewed energy, commitment and faith!"

"A wonderful safe, respectful way to begin the process of transformation."

"Presenters came from an authentic place and have lived through and experienced the same situations we face."

"Imago is a way to heal your relationship by crossing a bridge into your partner’s world."

"Maureen and Tamara were realistic with expectations and believed and really knew the content."

"I feel amazingly optimistic towards a fulfilling, total relationship."

"Wow! Imago really works!"

"Incredibly powerful material for creating a deep and honoring sacred relationship."

"I think Tamara and Maureen make an excellent complement to one each other and how the workshop was presented. Terrific energy."

"The best workshop I’ve been a participant in!"

"These are tools to improve our relationship that I can already be confident will work. It has already made a difference in ours!"

"Imago really is life changing… a challenge!! But if you value your partner and yourself then Imago is priceless."

"A wonderful experience and very helpful to us."

"This workshop is life giving and life changing. Wouldn’t it be great if it was mandatory before getting a marriage license or registering as domestic partners?"

"Very thoughtful and supportive presenters who represented real humanity in relationship."

"Illuminating! I feel closer to my partner and understand him in a way I simply could not without the Imago dialogue."

"Presenters were excellent!"

"As I went through the weekend I couldn’t help but think about all the friends and family who would benefit from this workshop. The skills we learned will be life changing."

"Imago provides usable tools that seek to provide self-discovery, growth and a deepening of relationship."

"The program is brilliant and well worth the effort!"

"Tamara and Maureen are absolutely wonderful. What a great way to start our journey together."

"Imago is about real people, real life and real results. The presenters and their lives are a living example of the success of this program!"

"Excellent tools for every relationship. Maureen and Tamara are safe, knowledgeable and entertaining."

"An Imago workshop is the best gift a couple can give their relationship."

"Wow! This workshop is a must-do for any partnership that wants to grow."

"Tamara and Maureen make an excellent idea. In addition to knowing their material inside-out, they play off each other’s strengths to provide an informative, interesting and safe environment."

"The presenters were great! They delivered the workshop material with expertise—great job!"

"I learned transformational skills."

"Extremely valuable and pivotally impactful."

"I am a psychologist who was on the verge on divorce. This workshop transformed my relationship and my knowledge of relationships."

"As a survivor (of childhood abuse) I felt incredibly supported and was able to go through the process. It was awesome for me."

"Imago works if you work it"


"This was timely and very necessary for our relationship. Thank you!"

"This workshop has possibly saved our 8 year relationship which our two children will be very happy about."

"Maureen and Tamara are exemplary trainers, counsellors and facilitators. I had not met them before this weekend and I would recommend them both to anyone without qualification."

"Maureen and Tamara are so well connected they are the perfect pair."

"Definitely worth it!"

Feedback from participants at a follow up session:

"Thank you for putting this on. We really needed the refresher to put us back on track."

"Really like the opportunity to fine tune my Imago skills!"

"I feel that this session is one we will often refer to in the future."

"Coming here was a great refresher plus I learned more about how to apply the principles."

"Great reminder and refresher and the time – 4 hours – was perfect!"