Tamara Adilman Counselling and Consulting for over 25 years in Vancouver B.C.

Specialist in Relationship/Marriage Therapy and Individual Counselling

I have been a relationship therapist and individual counsellor since I began my career over 25 years ago. I have committed my working life to helping people discover what it truly means to be who they are and help them identify how they want to live their life. I help clients find a more positive and loving way to be in a relationship with each other because I believe relationships have the power to transform the lives of couples, adult family members and individuals.

"The Journey is the Destination"
- Unknown


As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist with Advanced Clinician Status a Workshop Presenter and Certified Imago Consultant /Supervisor I have worked with hundreds of couples and individuals. What I experience is that Imago therapy teaches couples a NEW WAY TO LOVE.

It teaches partners practical skills based on positive proven methods that work. Clients love this approach because it offers them new skills to change old behaviour patterns. Couples and family members learn how to calm their reactions towards each other, lessen conflict and find a deeper understanding so they can restore their connection to each other.


In my individual work I work with people facing many life challenges. I am trained in EMDR and humanistic psychology and specialize in loss and grief. My approach combines understanding client’s unique needs and helping them to find practical solutions to life’s challenges.

Whether you are facing


I have had a private practice in Vancouver since 1997 where I provide counselling for individuals, couples and family relationships. Before that I worked at Family Services of the North Shore for  10 years as a family therapist. I specialize in working with couples of all sexual orientations, family members hoping to heal adult relationships and with individuals dealing with a variety of challenges including grief and loss, trauma, depression and life transitions.

I completed two Masters degrees (in Counselling Psychology and Gender Studies) after which I chose to specialize in Relationship Therapy. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. 

I am an Advanced Clinician in Imago Relationship Therapy and a Getting the Love You Want Workshop Presenter. I am trained in EMDR, Bereavement Counselling , Relational Life Therapy and Family therapy.

Although I have completed many years of education and training the commitment I have to my partner and family has the greatest influence on my work. I am grateful to be in a loving partnership for over 35 years and we have two wonderful sons. I believe our relationships to each other are what define our humanity. I have devoted my life to helping people live and heal their relationships with each other so they can live in connection with themselves and those in their lives.

I offer relationship therapy to couples of all orientations. Whether you are in a marriage, long- term relationship or newly in love and want to avoid mistakes you have made in the past, counselling with your partner can be the step you need to take. My hope in my work with couples is to help them find their way to a deeper and more meaningful connection.

"Out beyond the idea of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I'll meet you there"
- Rumi

• Is your view of yourself and the world not what you want it to be?
• Are your past experiences holding you back from a satisfying life?
• Are you feeling down or anxious more than you want to?
• Have you suffered a recent loss?
• Do you want to feel more connected in your relationships and have better communication skills?

My Approach:

I work with individuals in my practice providing an integrated approach to counselling. When working with individuals I try and help clients find their own unique strengths and offer practical solutions to everyday issues. Sometimes this means we work in the present to find better ways to cope with everyday life. Sometimes it means we focus on the past to sort out unresolved  issues that are still getting in the way. Sometimes it is a combination of both. It all depends on your unique situation and challenges.

"Since my house burnt down I have a better view of the rising sun"
- Matthew Fox

My Areas of Specialty:

• Relationships
• Life Transitions
• Separation and Divorce
• Empty Nest Challenges
• Chronic and Serious Illness
• Depression and Anxiety
• Relationship Issues

• Grief and Loss and Loneliness

• Recent and Childhood Trauma

• Fear, Depression and Anxiety
• Relationship counselling with me is always positive, loving and practical. My focus is on moving forward in the best way possible for each person.

Working With Me:

I deeply believe people can and do change, that is my life philosophy. I have always been committed to helping people make positive changes in their lives. I am a highly practical therapist and believe it is important to work with clients in a direct and compassionate way. I have been described as warm, funny and deeply caring. I like those qualities in myself. My philosophy in life is that all people have tremendous potential to be who they truly want to be. I feel honoured when I get to be part of this process with people.

My Fees and Location:

I charge $175.00 per 55 minute session (includes GST) and $250.00 per 85 minute session (includes GST)

"Strengthen the Ties I Have"
- Unknown

Working With Adult Family Members

One of my areas of expertise has been in working with adult family members to strengthen and heal their relationships. I have worked with adult parent adult child relationships as well as adult sibling relationships over the past 20 years. On many occasions I have done several sessions with adult family members over a few days who travel to Vancouver to just to work on their family situation. My experience doing this has been very inspiring. Often in families, miscommunication and hurt builds up over many years and people get stuck in negative patterns with each other. To help family members break through and heal long term hurts is truly transformative. Using the Imago Dialogue adapted to adult family members is not only beneficial it is also very practical because they have new skills to utilize beyond the therapy experience.

If you would like to travel to Vancouver to work with me, I offer Therapy Intensives for a variety of relationship issues. Intensives are counselling sessions that take place over 2-4 days usually for 3-4 hours per day. The sessions are designed specific to client needs including - couples, adult parent-adult child counselling, adult sibling or adult family therapy to help people change long standing communication patterns.

I also provide Conscious Uncoupling Intensives for couples who have chosen to separate and want assistance is redefining their relationships, develop positive parenting plans and better their communication patterns during a most challenging time.

Intensives offer people a comprehensive and profound opportunity to work on relationship issues in a safe and positive environment. I have offered Intensives for the over 20 years and clients consistently report the sessions have been transformational and healing particularly when long standing issues have been difficult to overcome.


$175.00 per hour (PLUS one hour preparation)(GST included)

If you have any questions about Therapy Intensives please contact me by email tamara@imagovancouver.com

I offer both in person and virtual counselling to all clients.

Phone: 604-732-7344

Email: tamara@imagovancouver.com

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