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Maureen and Tamara have been colleagues and friends for more than 20 years. Between us, we have more than 60 years of experience in relationship!

Maureen and her partner Lawrence have been married for 30 years with one daughter. They went to their first Getting the Love You Want workshop in 1993. Tamara and her partner Sarah have been together for 35 years and have two sons. They went to their first Getting the Love You Want workshop in 1996.

Tamara and Maureen became Imago therapists in 1996, part of the first Canadian training group. We went on to become Advanced Clinicians in 1999. We undertook an intensive training program in order to become Certified Getting the Love You Want workshop presenters.

Both Maureen and Tamara each have a private practice where we see individuals and couples. We also teach and provide consultations.

For more information about our private practice work, click here: Maureen and Tamara.

Meet Tamara

Meet Maureen

"Tamara and Maureen make an excellent complement to each other and how the workshop was presented. Terrific energy."

Our services

» Getting the Love You Want workshops

» Imago couples therapy

Both Tamara and Maureen provide Imago therapy sessions for couples.

» Couples groups

We also offer a group for a small number of couples who wish to continue on their Imago journey with the support and camaraderie of peers. Taking the Getting the Love You Want workshop will qualify you to join one of our couples groups. This is a very effective and low cost way to continue improving your relationship. The feedback we continually receive is how helpful and empowering it is to connect and support other couples. This group usually meets every two weeks. Contact us for more information.

» Public presentations

We love to talk about Imago! We have spoken with church groups, preschool and elementary parent groups, business organizations and professional mental health providers. Recently Imago has produced a three-hour introductory course called Imago Connects. Please call us today!

"Tamara and Maureen are truly gifted in their ability to teach and share with intention, hear and deep compassion."

"Tamara and Maureen are very caring, witty, sensible, attentive, fun, intense and personable. Excellent facilitators!"

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