About Imago

Imago is effective as a way to create stronger relationships, because it helps us become more aware of the way that we are all deeply interconnected.


Love and relationships can feel very confusing. One moment we might be falling in love with a partner who we imagine will make our life exciting, and full of possibility. Later we find ourselves locked into a cycle of arguments, almost losing sight of what we first saw in them. What’s going on?

"I am a psychologist who was on the verge on divorce. This workshop transformed my relationship and my knowledge of relationships."


Imago provides clear answers to these questions, supported by the work of great psychologists, from Freud to Neuroscience. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt have adapted these insights into a series of dialogue-based exercises. These exercises help you and your partner understand why you were attracted to each other, and why those reasons drew you into a cycle of disagreement that we call the power struggle.

Imago teaches that this power struggle is a natural part of your relationship. Through the Imago dialogue you can discover that the power struggle has a purpose: to help you both grow, and together experience the deep joy of true love.

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"Wow! Imago really works!"