Imago Couples Therapy

Couples, would you like help with your relationship?

Do you sometimes wonder what happened to the person that you first met? Has your relationship changed and become something less than what you dreamed of? We can help you discover your ideal relationship again and show you how your conflict is actually an indication of growth trying to occur.

Couples Therapy That Goes Beyond Communication Skills

Many couples' therapies include a focus on communication issues, but most stop there. One of the hallmarks of Imago Relationship Therapy is that our initial focus on communication skills creates the safety needed to explore the hidden meaning in your conflict. You will be introduced to the Couples' Dialogue, which will create a positive shift in your relationship. for many couples immediately. With guidance, you will find out how to go beyond communication difficulties and build an atmosphere of emotional safety. You will:

  • Learn how to put an end to all arguments
  • Listen to your partner without feeling under attack
  • Develop more understanding and empathy for your partner
  • Discover why certain issues keep recurring in the relationship
  • Become mutually responsible to change negative patterns
  • Meet each other's needs more effectively
  • Increase and strengthen loving behaviours

We become facilitators that assist you in making your relationship more fulfilling. We understand intimate relationships to be the place for deepest growth and change. Click on About Imago for more information on Imago theory and why / how we choose our intimate partners.

If you would like help with your relationship contact Tamara (604-732-7344) or Maureen (604-873-3278). We will be happy to set up an appointment for you. Actually, we feel that the most cost effective and powerful way to start working on your relationship is to sign up for the Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop designed by Harville Hendrix. We offer this workshop every two months.