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If you are travelling to Vancouver to work with me, I offer Therapy Intensives for a variety of relationship issues. Intensives are counselling sessions that take place over 2-4 days usually for 3-4 hours per day. The sessions are designed specific to client needs including - couples, adult parent-adult child counselling, adult sibling or adult family therapy to help people change long standing communication patterns.

I also provide Conscious Uncoupling Intensives for couples who have chosen to separate and want assistance is redefining their relationships, develop positive parenting plans and better their communication patterns during a most challenging time.

Intensives offer people a comprehensive and profound opportunity to work on relationship issues in a safe and positive environment. I have offered Intensives for the past 15 years and clients consistently report the sessions have been transformational and healing particularly when long standing issues have been difficult to overcome.


$150.00 per hour (PLUS one hour preparation)(GST included)

If you have any questions about Therapy Intensives please contact me by email tamara@imagovancouver.com or call me at 604 732 7344 for information.

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