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Tamara began teaching when she was in grade three at her chalkboard where she used to pretend she had a class of students and she would teach them whatever she had learned that day at school! Now, many years later, she still teaches in many different learning environments.

She has been on staff at Vancouver Community College since 1991. She teaches in the Counselling and Addictions Counselling Programs.

Tamara has always loved music so this fits with one of her passions. She teaches students completing their diplomas in record production how to understand and deal with musical talent, how to resolve conflict help students look at their own personal issues which affect them in the music industry.

Tamara is an Imago Certified Consultant. She provides supervision for Imago therapists and Educators on clinical issues related to working with couples and marital relationships.

Tamara is a clinical supervisor at several non-profit agencies in Vancouver assisting staff and management with clinical and personnel issues. She also provides consultation and supervision privately to a number of therapists who contract with her to consult on a variety of clinical issues.

Tamara has worked as an instructor at the Justice Institute of B.C. and for the Provincial Government on many occasions lecturing on various topics.

She is often asked to give public lectures at community centres, schools and parent participation preschools for parents of young children navigating relationship issues.


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