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Adult Family Relationships

Originally when I graduated from my Masters at UBC in Counselling Psychology I specialized in Family Therapy. I was always drawn to working with people and their relationships and I guess this is why my training is rooted here. I was very influenced by Virginia Satir and her model of empowering families to function better together. Adding to that model I have found Imago Relationship Therapy invaluable at teaching families practical and useful communication tools to change negative patterns in family relationships.

"Strengthen the Ties I Have"
- Unknown

Working With Adult Family Members

One of my areas of expertise has been in working with adult family members to strengthen and heal their relationships. I have worked with adult parent adult child relationships as well as adult sibling relationships over the past 20 years. On many occasions I have done several sessions with adult family members over a few days who travel to Vancouver to just to work on their family situation. My experience doing this has been very inspiring. Often in families, miscommunication and hurt builds up over many years and people get stuck in negative patterns with each other. To help family members break through and heal long term hurts is truly transformative. Using the Imago Dialogue adapted to adult family members is not only beneficial it is also very practical because they have new skills to utilize beyond the therapy experience.

If you are interested in finding out more about working with family members call me to discuss your unique situation at 604-732-7344.

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